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Variable Conditions is a family operation, our online presence needs some attention, please keep checking in with us periodically as we continue to grow.  Thank you so much for visiting!
The Clarks 

The Concept


If you live or have visited Big Sky, Montana, most likely you already know what variable conditions mean.  It's how we describe our weather and snow conditions, and it is a phrase you hear almost daily in the tram line or on the chairlift.  This is how the brand Variable Conditions started, on the chair trying to create t-shirt ideas to celebrate Big Sky, and the fun we have here with our friends.  This idea transcended, and we brought the concept to the golf course, designing and creating golf gloves and other golf apparel.  VC is young in business but big in dreams and our future, and we hope that the Variable Conditions spirit will catch you too.  We love Big Sky, Montana, and all it has to offer, and here at Variable Conditions that is what we strive to celebrate. 


Who we are


VC is running out of our home in Big Sky.  Here we design, develop, and look for products that fit with our mission.   That mission is to bring to you, fun, fashionable and functional products that can withstand our mountain conditions.  My name is Greg Clark, my wife Jolene is my business liaison, and my three children Braxtin, Lachlan, and Kadel are our designers and athletes.  I have spent the last 22 years in various areas of emergency response.  I served in the US Coast Guard from 1999-2005, and I have worked for our local fire department since 2006, I also work for our local ski patrol, our county’s special response law enforcement team, and our local search and rescue volunteer team.  In my time with these organizations, I have had the opportunity to use thousands of products, and have seen what works and what I think is cool.  This intersection of function and fashion is where Variable Conditions lives.  I want to bring products that combine the functionality that has been tested in the emergency realm and apply a style that celebrates Big Sky, Montana.


Our future


VC is working daily on developing more and more products here in our amazing town.  We want to always bring new and fun products that fit with our customers' everyday clothing.  We also are continuing to look for cutting-edge fashion.  The world of heated clothing is growing every day, and next winter we plan to offer heated jackets and other outerwear.  Variable Conditions also loves doing collaborative products with our local businesses that help them while getting the VC name out there.            

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